Zuzanna Celej


Illustrator, Photographer, Graphic Designer

BA Honours in fine Arts at University of Barcelona.
Majored in Illustration at the Llotja Art School in Barcelona.

Born 1982 in Łódz, Poland.
Moved to Spain in 1989.
2000 – 2005 Barcelona, start degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts.
2005 – 2008 Complete further studies in the Llotja Art School and Design.

Illustrations for "The prince who learned everything from books" by Jacinto Benavente, published in Barcelona by Editorial Juventud.
Participated in a collective exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, CCCB "Món Llibre 2010." Group exhibition at the VII Contemporary Art Festival “ARTERIA 2010”, Huesca.

Exhibited the book "El Ladrón de muselina" at the Salon of Comics and Illustration of Barcelona.
Participated in a collective exhibition of illustration, "I el future…com pinta?" Pati Llimona of Barcelona, which also makes the poster.
Individual exhibition of painting and illustration "Frosty Queen and Other Tales" in the Gallery Gogoko of Barcelona.
Exhibition "DelicARTessen 8", Galerie Esther Montoriol of Barcelona.

Illustrated project “El Ladrón de muselina”, graphic novel, written and illustrated by Zuzanna Celej.
Easton Art Trail Exhibition, Bristol (England).
Illustration project “Anansi and Death” for the International Illustration contest Figures Futur 2008.

Worked as an Illustrator and Exhibitor in the Comic & Illustration Fair in Barcelona.
Illustration project for the Egyptian Museum in Vilanova, Barcelona.

Returned to Barcelona to enters the Llotja Art School and Design.

Directed the photographic documentation for the opening night of a YSL shop in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona.
Completed final project for Fine Arts studies. Final project consisted of 20 b/w photographs defining the city and its graphic character.
Travelled to Granada on a scholarship to focus studies on engraving and drawing.

Exhibited a selection of nude female photography in b/w, titled “Eva”.
Also received first prize award for a poster competition named “Deportes UB” at the University of Barcelona

Participated in a collective exhibition of photography, in Olot, with a selection of urban texture images, in the “Sant Roc Festival”

Worked at the “Arte Rosa Pous” art gallery in 2001. Continued BA studies in photography and design, receiving a Distinction for her work.

Worked as a freelance photographer in Gerona during BA studies, which led to a first prize for photographic series called “Jardines de la Devesa”, in 2000 at University of Barcelona.


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